Custom Fit

Every MagdaleneD collection is conceived and created with loving care.  We use the best fabrics available in the Greek textile market and each hand made Art Wear fashion item is designed with beauty, function and comfort in mind.  Each garment is sewn by the hand of an expert and our love for fine fashion is reflected in your MagdaleneD Art Wear product.

C U S T O M   F I T   S E R V I C E   O P T I O N

You may request minor alterations to some Magdaleneproducts prior to purchase.  For example a dress, blouse or trousers can be made longer or shorter to better suit your height.  MagdaleneD experts will make custom alterations which do not compromise the original design of your Art Wear.

Please complete the form below indicating the Art Wear product name and the alteration you desire.  We will suggest our best solutions to your request.  You may make a preliminary Custom Fit inquiry by telephone.  We will provide a cost estimate for each Custom Fit option to help you with your decision.  Custom Fit Art Wear products are tailored to suit you personally and for this reason the MagdaleneD return policy does not apply to Custom Fit orders.

To order a Custom Fit product, please fill in and submit this application.